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Signature blends, individually crafted in Mendocino County from 100% Mendocino County grapes


Coro Mendocino Zin Fest

November 15th 2019

tickets: $25 | 5-8PM

Fill your glass with sparkling wines and beers from the bar, savor appetizers by Croux & Co. and mingle as you taste the 2016 vintage Coro, the 2002-2006 Coro library collection and select portfolio wines of:

Barra of Mendocino | Brutocao Cellars | DnA Vineyards | Golden Vineyards | Graziano | Greenwood Ridge | Jaxon Keys | McFadden Vineyard | Parducci Wine Cellars | Testa Vineyards

Highlights: Coro 2019 Spring Winemaker Dinner featuring

Barra of mendocino and Graziano Winery

© @brutocaomediasolutions

Highlights: Coro 2019 Winter Winemaker Dinner featuring

Brutocao Cellars and Parducci Winery

© @brutocaomediasolutions


Coro Mendocino Winemakers Dinners

2015 Vintage SERIES


February 15, 2019 - Event Complete


April 5, 2019

May 18, 2019


February - May 2019


Coro Mendocino Wine Guild

Join the Coro Wine GUILD AND GET ACCESS TO AN EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION OF consortium Mendocino’S library WINES.


Join Coro Wine Guild

Sign up for the Coro Wine Guild to learn about Winemaker Dinners, Coro related events, and exclusive Coro library wine offers. Members of the Coro Wine Guild who purchase a qualifying library wine order will receive a 10% discount on tickets to Coro Winemakers Dinners for one year.


About Coro

Every Coro is a signature blend, individually crafted from Mendocino County grapes in accordance with the Coro Mendocino Wine Production Protocol. These wines have been judged worthy by a series of independent blind tastings and certified by CONSORTIUM MENDOCINO to carry the Coro Mendocino mark and label.

Coro Producers

Coro Mendocino wineries produced the first vintage in 2001. Years later we look back at participating members as part of a story we all have created about Mendocino County. This story, told through these wines, is part of our County’s heritage and history.


Our Mission


increase the awareness & value of Mendocino wine & grapes through the production of “Coro Mendocino”

a controlled, ultra premium blended wine that reflects the quality and commitment of the Mendocino County wine industry.